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First Cherry blossom tattoo. This was a cover up tattoo from season 4 Ink Master.Cover up challenge the same episode that caused the fight between Chris Nunez and Kyle Dunbar.Next we have a sea turtle underwater with some blue water and coral underneath of the turtle. The turtle is a realistic type tattoo.Next we have a skull or a Tibetan skull, or some may even say it looks like a samurai skull. It has realistic eyeballs.And some background. We have a realistic tattoo of a Colosseum.Don on the back.We have some surrealism tattoos.We have a Celtic knot work that is in pink and blue.Asian tattoosAsian godsPortrait tattoos black and white portraits, a microphone. The microphone has some red onion side. Some smoke in the background.There is a hand tattoo with a skull.The skull is made of bones and you can see a red background behind the skull.Then there's a tattoo of an owl that I was like a nerdy owl or like a nerd or smart owl. The owl has glasses. It's a custom owl done in black and grey tattoo style.Then we have a mermaid.With an arched back on an anchor like she's underwater.It's a black and grey mermaid with long flowing hair.Then we have a half woman half tiger face with green eyes and red lips.We have a firefighter memorial tattoo.Darth Vader tattoo.Asian tattoo with flowers, maybe some type of orb in the middle there, orange flowers with pink. Ninja Turtle tattoo. A teenage Mutant mutant Ninja Turtle.The Orange ninja turtle.Donatello Raffaelle Michael Angelo. Ninja Turtle with nunchucks.Ninja Turtle with orange mask.Portrait of a bulldog, black and Gray. Portrait of a bulldog, Little Lego guys, Lego characters, Boba Fett.Iron ManAn abstract bowl.A rosary ankle bracelet also could be a rosary necklace.Butterflies that are flying in the air with some blue and purple background.Rose tattoo on the hip with some background that looked like spikes or maybe thorns.Spider realistic spider on the chest.Cute cat portrait portrait of a cat with blue eyes.All seeing eye.Illuminati realistic I womans I.While scary guy with a fake face mask or a gas mask.Cleveland Indians pin up girl with a bat and a baseball hat and a ponytail cut off shirt.Carl Dr Blasphemy Dr blasphemy.MC voice of the tattoo world.A realistic portrait of a Borg tattoo machine.Bambi or a deer tattoo or a cute baby deer tattoo.Alright dear tattoo with green eyes.A Joker tattoo or a Batman tattoo or Joker and Batman together in one tattoo?Percy Waters portrait.Percy Waters the tattoo machine portrait.Free with the moon background and clouds. Realistic tree or scary tree or an evil tree?A soldier chest piece with an American flag background holding a gun. Some sort of machine gun with a scope like some kind of patriot or a military guy. Or someone who loves freedom and loves guns.Would love this tattoo.Crow black crowAl Wolf skull. Hear no evil see no evil speak no evil.Cat portrait black and white cat with yellow eyes. Cute cat with a necklace.Tattoo.Giraffe tattoo baby giraffe mother tattoo baby giraffe and mother giraffe. Airplane tattoo airplane with the prop old style airplane. Single engine airplane.Underwater diver with a mermaid.A custom Easter Bunny holding a rose. A cute Bunny with bows.A Bunny wearing a sweater?Elephants, elephants with Tusk. A mother elephant and a baby elephant together.Ball with bullets in its mouth.A skull eating bullets bite this bullet. Bite the bullet.A dinosaur with a machine gun arm.Another freedom patriot. Maybe a tattoo? Or we love guns. Wearing a shoulder pad maybe?What is that now I patch?What is?Christina.Yeah.Evil goat Dave, the dead woman with roses in their hair and eagle with a shield and roses eagle tattoo with a shield shield tattoo.Gold Ram Aries realistic ram tattoo, black and grey.Statue of Liberty, realistic black and grey eagle.Horse Black Horse stallion. Tattoo of a horse.Lady with a veil realistic tiger with blue eyes.Snake tattoo a cobra snake tattoo.The snake with fangs.A diamond tattoo. A diamond with a crown, a king crown, a Queens crown, royalty crown diamond with a crown. Octopus underwater.Tentacles, black and grey octopus.Lily flower flower for Mama mother flower.Flower tattoo for your mom.A Lotus flower was smoke background.A cute puppy tattoo portrait.TeethOr a zombie mouth where zombie teeth or horror or gore ankle tattoo.Lower jaw tattoo.Rose and dot.Dead moth.White cat and a blue picture frame.Cat and a picture frame.This cat is inside of a picture frame that has a blue background and then like a red flower at the top on the picture frame.What happened?OK, how many words should I get?

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