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Kyle Dunbar says "The best time of year to be tattooed is in the winter months." . And while he is in Michigan he lowers his rate to just $1,000 for a full day! Prices available for less than full days also. (Price not available at conventions) Only 20 spot available for the rest of the year.

Winter Full day, Michigan

  • Pricing: Kyle standard rates are listed below per session, most client sessions are usually around 5 hours. Larger projects such as full sleeves and back pieces may take multiple sessions, leg sleeves take even longer, depending on variables such as skin type, the size and detail of the tattoo, and other factors not listed here. As this is an artistic project, there is no way to guarantee the exact amount of sessions a tattoo will take upfront – every project and person is unique. Smaller tattoos require the artist minimum of $600 – this will cover first hour of work, if the tattoo requires time beyond that, each additional 0.5 hour will be billed at $100 (This does not mean Kyle is $600 per hour, it is the mimium price for the tattoo experience., average hourly rate is around $300)

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